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Experienced and Engaging Trainers...keeping the subject matter relevent and interesting


At Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd we believe that trainers need to be both experienced and engaging so that students stay alert and interested in the material that is being taught. It is not enough that we have the best training material available.


Accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification ( CSSC)the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) and the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI)our trainers are experienced in applying Lean Six Sigma principles across several different industries. We believe that trainers also need the personality and projection to be engaging to our students with frequent real-world examples and anecdotes together with encouraging class participation and discussion.  


Our trainers take time to understand the industry backgrounds of the specific students we have in our classes (which varies week by week) and to adapt the examples and discussions to apply to those specific industries.

Miguel Montenegro Araujo 

Miguel is the Director of the Southern Europe area for our Lean Six Sigma training.

Based in Porto, Portugal he has 20 years’ experience in Operations, as consultant,

trainer, or manager in industrial and consulting companies.

  • MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Six Sigma Black Belt certified by ASQ since 2011

  • Lean Six Sigma trainer and tutor since 2008. 

  • Author of guide book, “Produção Lean”, for shoe manufacturing industry


Other interesting facts: Miguel has 3 kids and plays basketball.

Alfonso Pereira :  Lean Six Sigma Trainer and Coach
Dr. Alfonso Pereira

Afonso Pereira has International experience as a manager, consultant, and Lean Six Sigma trainer in different manufacturing and service companies. Experience in the brewery industry, cement factories, food manufacturing, paper companies, banks, finance and insurance companies, transportation, and logistics, among many others.

Afonso's experience developed in different countries such as: México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Besides, with more than 25 years of experience teaching in international universities in Quality Management, Statistical Control, Lean Production, Lean Logistics, and Operations in different universities and countries.


  • PhD. (c) Dr. in Education and didactic, Aveiro University, Portugal

  • MBA.    Master Business Administration, Puerto Rico University

  •  Ing.      Industrial Engineering, Costa Rica University

  •  BB.       Black Belt Lean Six Sigma ILSSI

John Dennis 

Before becoming a trainer John worked for 10 years as a Senior Project Manager in Information Technology with IBM Global Services, SAIC, Entergy, and before that as a Systems Engineer in programming process controls for Paper Mills, Chemical Plants and Textile Mills throughout the USA.


  • BSc in Physics ( Loughborough University )

  • PGCE ( York University )

  • MBA ( University of New Orleans )

  • PMP certified with Project Management Institute for 19 years

  • Lean-Six-Sigma Black Belt certified with IASSC


John has worked in USA, Panama, Australia and New Zealand.

Miguel Ribeiro

Business and Operational Excellency with a People Developer mindset, linking Business Strategy with Lean Six Sigma, Complex Problem Solving and the Industry 4.0 approaches.

  • Porto Business SchoolPorto Business School : MBA, Business Administration

  • Instituto Superior de Engenharia do PortoInstituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto

  • PgD, Lean 6 Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Department)PgD, Lean 6 Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Department) 2018 - 2019

  • Universidade de AveiroUniversidade de Aveiro

  • Licentiate degree, Materials EngineeringLicentiate degree, Materials Engineering1996 - 2004

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